Pour la petite histoire...

Onderbergen 6, 1992.
Coeur d'Artichaut started as a small bistro distinguishing itself by its – at the time fairly new – focus on healthy cuisine. The enchanting Coeur salads became the talk of town in no time, and soon the small Coeur d'Artichaut grew up to be a big boy...

Fast forward, 1997.
After five successful years, the Coeur d'Artichaut was ready to cross to Onderbergen 6: a beautiful old hotel from 1847: a time when guests still travelled by horse and carriage, which our courtyard still reminds of. What was once a small bistro transforms into a stylish black and white gastronomic restaurant, dressed in starched white napkins and tuned to some soft background jazz.

And then it was now.
Fifteen years later, the restaurant is ready to move up the ladder once more. And though to many, this challenge may seem to be the next logical step, we have deliberately chosen to return to the style of those days. Of course without compromising on quality... This means all our products are still home made and we insist on using local products and suppliers whenever possible.

On behalf of our entire team we wish you and your guests a very enjoyable meal,

Eric de Wagenaere and Thip Boonchan.

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More info about our Chef Tom Van Lysebettens.